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Abierto el plazo de admisión para el curso académico 2019-20

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Requisitos de admisión

Our students must prove a level of English at least equivalent to B1 (European system) prior to their acceptance into the center, for levels K-7 to K-10; and a B2 level for K-11 and K-12. However, it will not be necessary to have previous knowledge of Spanish or German. The College also offers the possibility to show one’s knowledge by conducting a special examination with full international recognition, thanks to the signed agreements.

Our students who participate in the high capacities program will have to prove this condition, through the contribution of psychological documentation, issued by a collegiate professional and duly accredited in the eyes of the Spanish authorities.

Our students participating in the High-Performance Sports Program must be physically fit to start the program, which will be evaluated at the time of the interview, as well as have a medical certificate indicating they do not suffer from any kind of illness that could cause irreversible physical damage.

They must all come from a system of Education duly accredited to the authorities of their country of origin and cannot suffer from any contagious disease upon arrival in Spain.

Finally, they must have a Spanish student visa, of a legal nature, for the duration of their studies in Spain.

Proceso de admisión

Solicite una visita al centro para conocerlo

You can e-mail us at admisiones@slamschool.es or contact us through +34 658 098 733.

Entrevista, prueba y test

On the day of the agreed visit the student’s parents or legal guardians will have an interview with the Principal. The same day, the student will also perform an English test (in case of not being able to prove his level) and Spanish. The School also offers the possibility of proving your knowledge through a specialized and internationally recognized exam, thanks to the signed agreements. In Addition, it will perform a psychological and capacity test, which helps us to assess your application.

Petición de admisión

Parents or legal guardians will fill out the Admission Form, which must be supplemented later with a series of student documentation (identification document, School Certificate, Visa,…).

Formalización de la matrícula

Once all the required documentation has been received, the center will send via email to the student’s parents or legal guardians the Registration Contract, in which the concepts and amounts of each service contracted with the center are detailed.

Abono de las tasas correspondientes

The Center shall be responsible for the amount through the indicated bank account, which will vary depending on the services contracted. The payment of the fees will be subject to obtaining the student’s visa (*). In the event that it is not finally obtained, SLAM SCHOOL Spain will pay the full payment received.

(*) SLAM SCHOOL Spain makes available to all the families a personalized advising service in order to help with the legal procedures to obtain the student visa of our students, and to carry out the necessary formalities in Spain before the Authorities of Immigration, once the student is already studying in the center. Do Not hesitate to consult us.

Carta de Admisión

Once the payment has been credited, the center will send the Letter of Admission by certified mail to the student, so that it will be presented to the Spanish Consulate closest to its place of residence with a view to obtaining the student visa. If The visa is finally denied by the Spanish Authorities, the Center shall inform the sending of this letter.

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Trámites legales

All foreign students who are minors and wish to study in Spain need to have a visa of this type, unless they are citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

The application for a long-term visa must be submitted by means of a duly completed application form (original and copy), which can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or obtained free of charge from the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Spain abroad.

The visa must be applied for in person, and may be applied for by a duly accredited representative in the event that the student does not reside where the diplomatic mission or Consular post is located, and is subject to demonstrate the reasons that impede the journey there, such as the remoteness of the mission or office, difficulties of transport that make the journey particularly burdensome or reasons of illness or physical condition that significantly hinder mobility.

At the time of submission of the visa application, the established fee (€60 in general) must be paid without any provision being made for repayment if the application is refused. In certain cases, which must be consulted in Spanish diplomatic missions or consular posts, the current legislation provides for a reduction or exemption of the fee. The remaining requirements should be consulted at the diplomatic mission or Consular post where the visa is applied for, as they may vary according to the reason for the applicant’s travel and country of origin.

Citizens wishing to reside in Spain must be informed in advance by the competent bodies of the procedures to be carried out, in particular the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of employment and Social Security.

The maximum term to resolve the dossiers of application for long-term visa is one month from the date the application was filed, except in the case of the visa of non-lucrative residence, in which the maximum term shall be three months. In the event the visa is issued, it shall be collected personally by the competent diplomatic mission or Consular post within one month of notification of its issuance.

If the visa is refused, the applicant shall be notified. In such cases, a contentious-administrative appeal may be lodged with the Madrid High Court of justice within two months of the date of notification or, potentially, an appeal for reinstatement with the same diplomatic mission or Consular post within one month of the date of notification of the refusal.(*)

(*) Taken from the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Note: SLAM SCHOOL Spain offers all families a service of personalized advice in order to help with the legal procedures for obtaining the student visa for our students, and to carry out the necessary formalities in Spain before the authorities of Immigration, once the student is already studying in the center. Do not hesitate to consult us. Do Not hesitate to consult us.

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