Who we are

The SLAM (Sports, Leadership, Arts and Management) SCHOOL is a private, modern institution that breaks with the current concepts of teaching. Its mixed and boarding school aspect offers its students between the ages of 11 and 18 (K-6 to K-12) a unique study program, based on American High School program, with two possibilities of differentiated itineraries, according to the interests and abilities of each student. These itineraries are based on high performance in sports, or in high capacities, which can be complemented with our music school, for those interested in this art.

SLAM SCHOOL proposes a personalized teaching model that helps our students discover what their abilities and talents are, so that they can develop them to the fullest.

For this reason, we work from different perspectives on this goal: through sport, leadership, the arts and management, with the objective that our students transfer these values to their lives and to society.

SLAM SCHOOL is an international educational institution, with students from varied backgrounds and nationalities; an environment that most closely resembles the reality of the globalized world we live in.

In our classrooms we have developed an international project in collaboration with various American schools, which allows for the interconnectedness of students on either side of the Atlantic, through the use of new technologies, favoring cultural exchange and the acquisition of very relevant aspects of American idiosyncrasies, as well as the academic, social and cultural integration of our students in the future.

It is a center of Christian inspiration, where our students are encouraged to discover the transcendent dimension of life and to practice human and supernatural virtues, if they wish to do so, with full respect for personal autonomy and freedom of individual worship.

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