Proyecto educativo

Our proposal consists of a personalized teaching model that helps our students discover their talents and capabilities, so that they may develop them to their fullest potential.

For that reason, S.L.A.M. SCHOOL works from different perspectives that accompaniment: through Sport, leadership, arts and management, we intend that our students exercise a true leadership in their lives and in society.

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is an international educational institution, with students of very diverse nationalities and origins, being this an area that we consider as the one that most resembles the reality of the globalized world in which we live.

In Our classrooms we have created an international project with various American schools, which allows the interconnection of students on one side and the other in the Atlantic, through the use of new technologies in a way that promotes cultural exchange and Acquisition of very relevant aspects of the American culture, that favor the academic, social and cultural integration of our students in the future, come the case.

It is a Christian-inspired center, where our students are encouraged to discover the transcendent dimension of life and practice human and supernatural virtues, when they so desire, from full respect for personal autonomy and freedom of Individual cult.

Programa de mentoring

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is an internship educational institution. Aware of the need of parents and tutors to know firsthand the evolution of their child in the center, we have established a mentoring program that has as its purpose the personal accompaniment to each one of our students, also during the hours not And their time of residence in our facilities on weekends. Thus, the mentor tracks all aspects in and out of the classroom and is in constant contact with the families, serving as a bond of trust and being also his legal responsibility during his stay for studies in Spain before the authorities.

Modelo educativo


S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is an educational institution for students between the ages of 11 and 18 who offer the High School American qualification, with full legal recognition, and access to American universities on equal terms and in the same way as any Student who studied on American soil. In the same way, once the homologation procedures have been fulfilled, they will also be able to take their studies, if they wish, in any Spanish university or of the European Union.

The vehicular language of the center is English. Therefore, a knowledge of this language is required as a requirement, with at least one level B1 (European validation system) for the ESO courses (K-6 to K-10); And a B2 for high school (K-11 and K-12).

In addition, from English, our students receive Spanish language and literature classes, as well as English history and art; Also offering the possibility of studying German.

American Middle School

The Middle School has been designed for 7th and 8th grade students, a secure and familiar environment where they can learn, study, play and prosper. The students enrolled in Middle School are immersed in a truly unified community of passionate youth and are invited to participate in an exciting program full of educational excursions and opportunities for practical and experimental learning.


Our program is divided into two segments: academic core and academic exploration.

  • Academic core: English classes, reading and writing, health and physical education, science and mathematics; emphasizes the principles and key knowledge that will lay the foundations for students in middle school to succeed in later degrees.
  • Academic exploration: made up of a selection of programs designed to expand horizons and discover new talents. The programs are subject to change, but there will always be a variety of options in order to captivate each student’s interest.

American High School

The high school program in S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is comprised of a four-year curriculum designed to meet the requirements of entry to American colleges and universities and other higher education institutions in Spain, Europe and around the world.

The purpose of the High School program is to serve the interests and needs of its students while they prepare to continue on their educational path. The program helps them develop personal values, dignity and a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others.

In the last years of high school, our students are also encouraged to exercise their increasing independence through academic, social and leadership opportunities, and to take advantage of the small group trips, organized in and around Spain and Europe.


Students in the training years program have the option of taking regular classes or the S.L.A.M. program. SCHOOL (high academic and/or sports capacities). Those who choose the main study program will have seven subjects, which coincide with the number of classes they would take in the IB Program during 11th and 12th grade. Six of these classes will be of a standard level and one-year duration, including English language and literature, Social Activities Studies, Sciences, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, and Debate, and one class will be a one-semester elective in Arts or Physical Education.

The S.L.A.M. study Program SCHOOL uses a protected academic model designed to meet the individual needs of each student. The students in this program will participate in classes that are specially designed, including Reading and Literature, Skills and Debate, Social Studies, Sciences, as well as General Mathematics and two electives within Arts or Physical Education. The combination of S.L.A.M. ‘s integrated and focused classes SCHOOL ensures that students acquire the necessary competence in English to graduate and continue with the university education.


S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is an educational institution for students between the ages of 12 and 18 who offer the High school Qualification American, with full legal recognition, so that our students can access American universities on equal terms and as any student who has studied on American soil, and once completed the formalities of Homologation, they will also be able to take their studies, if they wish, in any Spanish university or of the European Union.

The vehicular language of the center is English. Therefore, a knowledge of this language is required as a requirement, with at least one level B1 (European validation system) for the ESO courses (K-7 to K-10); And a B2 for high school (K-11 and K-12).

In addition, from English, our students receive Spanish language and literature classes, as well as English history and art; And we also offer the possibility of studying German.

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL aware of the interest of many students in the world of sport, has developed a unique model in Spain, which aims to accompany our students and their families to success through the practice of high-level sport or what is called in the Professional slang as “high performance sports”.

To do this, S.L.A.M. SCHOOL has reached an agreement with the Seasickness Foundation and other sports institutions and European football clubs in Spain, in order to serve as a training school for those students who are interested in this sport.

In addition, these agreements ensure that our students will be able to practice soccer and basketball at a high level, as well as golf in professional 9- or 18-hole courses, situated close to the school.

The school boasts well-rounded and modern sports facilities: indoor and outdoor sports center, heated swimming pools, golf courses, horseback riding track, infrastructure for various nautical sports, basketball courts, four professional soccer fields (both natural and artificial turf), an 8-player soccer field made of artificial turf, four padel courts and two tennis courts; where the most demanding trainings can come true.

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL has also designed for those students who have high
intellectual abilities (gifted). These study programs allow for maximal personalization depending not only on the student’s abilities but also on their tastes and preferences. This way, students can advance through their classes without limiting their learning, enabling them to follow university courses during their High School career, a novelty in European and Spanish programs.

The promotion of arts and culture is something that is ingrained in Slam School’s DNA. For this reason, independently of which academic path our students choose to follow (whether it be High Sports Performance or High Academic Potential), we offer them the possibility of taking classes at our Music School, promoting their personal growth through appreciation of this art. Our Music School is integrated like another extracurricular activity our students can choose from.

Actividades extraescolares y de fin de semana

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL has designed a wide range of out-of-school and weekend activities that seek the comprehensive training of our students. Not just an academic or intellectual education. We want to train the leaders of tomorrow, and we want to help them build themselves as people in the full breadth of the term.

Therefore, we have designed a set of activities that our students will be able to develop voluntarily during their free time during the weekends, with the idea of bringing them to know Spanish cities of great history and tradition, setting them in their Corners and squares, visiting museums, relevant institutions of our country, large companies, as well as other more recreational and fun activities, outside the facilities of the center, where they will be accompanied permanently by their mentors.

In addition, they will have their free time and of leisure, of which they will be able to dispose with absolute autonomy and freedom, during the Sundays, where they will have to remain inside the perimeter of the urbanization where the center is located, and as long as they do not participate of Weekend activities.

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S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is an internship educational institution for those students who decide. Our residence is completely equipped, with single to triple bedrooms, in two wings separated by gender, allowing students to enjoy a comfortable stay.


Our residence offers a full meal plan, cleaning and laundry services, so that our students don’t have to worry about these things during their stay, with the exception of making their bed every day and keeping their bedroom and the shared living areas tidy.

In addition, the residence has 24-hour surveillance and WiFi internet (which disconnects every night at 10:30pm), TVs, lounge rooms, offices, study rooms, library, heated swimming pool and vending machines.

Qué incluyen nuestros programas

What do our programs include?

  • All-inclusive program.
  • 4 Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner).
  • English classes. There will be two 1.5-hour class sessions each day.
  • Workshop sessions. A 1.5-hour daily session.
  • Didactic Material.
  • Recreational and sporting Material. For our great games and evening evenings.
  • Monitor support 24 h/day. (Night Monitor).
  • Small groups. 1 monitor every 10-13 students.
  • Individualized Academic Certificate of each student.
  • Hall of events. Festivities, theatrical performances…
  • Civil liability insurance and accidents.

Educación personalizada

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL It offers an authentically personalized education:

  1. Complete initial evaluation of the candidate.
  2. Personalized career path designed for each student (program to develop their talents, personal training plan, study plan, boarding, personal schedule…).
  3. A mentor is assigned to each student, to accompany and guide them during their academic development and serve as personal liaison with the family.
  4. Periodic personal evaluation and communication with the family.
  5. Periodic personal evaluation and communication with the family.

The best for each student, for each pupil, has it in S.L.A.M. SCHOOL.

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