What is S.L.A.M. SCHOOL?






Advance & Arts



Sports: High performance sports. Unique program alongside the best athletes of each sport. High-performance schools in soccer, basketball and golf.

Leadership: Leadership, we prepare tomorrow’s leaders and create a network of contacts that will open many doors for them in the future.

Advance and Arts: High academic and artistic performance, talent development. We offer international programs for the development of the outstanding abilities of talented and gifted students in all STEAM areas (natural sciences and social studies, music and arts).

Management: Administration and management. Our students will be prepared to manage their own lives and embark on new adventures with intelligence and courage.

S.L.A.M. SCHOOL is a private and modern educational institution that breaks away from current teaching methods and concepts..

Aimed at families with children between the ages of 12 and 20, it offers a truly personalized education that fosters virtues, develops talents, and builds bonds between tomorrow’s leaders.

Designed for students with high ability and outstanding performance either academically (STEAM), artistically or in sports, in aprivileged environment and with the best facilities. The boarding regime is organized to offer a wide range of educational possibilities.

Students will follow Middle and High School courses according to the American model supplemented with Spanish Language, Geography and European History. They will simultaneously obtain the American High School Diploma and the Spanish Bachillerato, with international validity.

Thanks to our agreements and scholarships (both academic and sports), our students will have access to the best American and European universities. Students may even advance college subjects while studying High School.

S.L.A.M. SCHOOLis also home to the Centro de Estudios Santo Tomás. Ensuring university access for our students who choose this option.

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